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Digital Images of Wills and Deeds 1787 to 1793

Abney, Nathaniel | Altman, Sarah | Anthony, John | Baxter, William | Bentley, Edmund | Bourdeaux, Daniel | Brooker, Joseph | Brooker, William and Unity (deed) | Brown, John | Brown, William | Casteloe, John | Castelaw, Thomas | Chapman, Mary | Collins, James | Collins, John | Collins, Nancy | Creetch, Richard | Crister, William | Croom, Major | Crossle, William | Disharoon, John | Dunbar, William | Edwards, David Sr. Everett, William | Feasters, Andrew | Filput, Thomas | Fryer, Mary to John Fryer | Galphin, John | Gillett, Aaron | Gillis, Elijah | Griffin, Sampson | Hankison, Robert | Hankinson, Robert from William Patterson | Hicks, Christopher | Johnson, Joseph | Jones, James | Joyner, Jeremiah | Kalsey, Silas to Sarah Wilson | Kimberhide, Martin | Lee, Robert | Lee, William | McKay, James | Messer, Mark | Miles, Thomas | Mitchell, John | Moon, Ann | Morris, Thomas | Morris, Thomas to Sarah Southwell (deed) | Natures, Joseph | Newman, Reuben to Alexander Newman | Odom, Isaac | Odom, Owen to John Stuart (deed) | Owens, Solomon to George Kersh (deed) | Perkins, John | Raines, John | Ratlif, Mark | Robison, William | Roundtree, Job | Saunders, Reuben | Simms, James | Singleton, Daniel | Southwell, Edward | Sterling, Isaac | Swicord, George | Swicort, Michael | Thomas, Gilsher | Toney, Benjamin | Turner, John | Wichly, John | Williams, Abigail | Williams, Nathan | Wood, John | Wyld, Thomas |
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Names of Families in Winton County Probate Records

Thomas CastelawPictured is the last will and testament of Thomas Castelaw. Winton County was created within the district of Orangeburg in 1785 and subsequently abolished in 1791. In 1730 Governor Robert Johnson formed new townships. The first one was Edisto and it was laid out to encourage emigration into the interior. In 1735, Edisto Township was renamed Orangeburgh Township by its German Lutheran settlers. In 1768, Orangeburgh Township and Amelia Township were included within the St. Matthew Parish and the Orangeburgh district. During 1778, Orangeburgh Township was separated from Amelia Township into its own Orange Parish and after the American Revolution ended, the parish was renamed Orangeburg District. The same Act created four newly-defined counties within the overarching Orangeburg District, viz: Lewisburg County, Lexington County, Orange County, and Winton County. Thus, in 1785, Winton County was formed as a judicial County within the Orangeburg District. Winton no longer had a separate court in 1791 and during the year of 1798 Winton was transformed into Barnwell County. The court records listed here are all that remains and comes from Book A of Barnwell County, South Carolina. Book B of Barnwell County also contains Winton County Wills.

Winton County Probate Records available to members of South Carolina Pioneers