South Carolina Pioneers

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Finding the Old Homeplace

Tips by Jeannette Holland Austin

homeplace Finding one's past can be as simple as locating the old homeplace. It creates a special sort of memory, one which you did not have originally because it was before your time. This lovely old lake with geese is absent the old house. Yet, I still experience the feeling that "I am home." This is but one of the ways that searching for ancestors becomes real. You know that your families lived their generation building a homestead and a special sort happiness from having the family work together, oftentimes on old farms. The generations of the past paved the way for our freedoms and the great wave of technology which we are experiencing today and which assists us in finding them. Imagine that!

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Map of Chesterfield County South Carolina

Cheraw, South Carolina
Cheraw, South Carolina

Names of Families in Chesterfield County Wills and Estates

Cheraw, South Carolina

Chesterfield County was formed in 1785 and was part of the Cheraw District until 1800 when it was named for the English statesman Lord Chesterfield (1694-1773). The county seat is the town of Chesterfield, but the oldest town in the county is Cheraw, settled around 1748. The old Cheraw District attracted settlers to the Great Pee Dee River to establish farm communities. Welsh settlers from Pennsylvania and Delaware as well as the Scotch-Irish and English settled this region of the country.

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Miscellaneous Digital Images of Wills and Estates

  • Coit, Mary
  • Davis, C. W.
  • Massey, James
  • Smith, Duncan
  • Smith, James
  • Chesterfield Co. Jury List of 1779