South Carolina Pioneers

Tobler of New Windsor Township, Beech Island, Aiken County, South Carolina
from the
American Pioneer Series
By Jeannette Holland Austin

About 1735 a group of 200 settlers headed by John Tobler came from Switzerland with the promise of land grants along the Savannah River. They settled in a place known as New Windsor Township on Beech Island (Aiken County). In his group were the families of Jacob Sturzenneger, David Zubly, Jasper Nail and Leonard and Ulrich Meyer. John Tobler was the Governor-General in Appenzell district, Switzerland until politics caused him to want to leave the country. Tobler was born 1695 in Switzerland. He was well known in New Windsor as the writer of an almanac, astronomer, musician, and owned a store on the bluff overlooking the Savannah River near the present-day site of the Sand Bar Ferry Bridge. Tobler's wife, Anna, died in New Windsor on March 23, 1768 but at least 8 of his children remained in the area.

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Among the first to make their way up the Savannah river and settle was a group of 200 Swiss headed by John Tobler. In his group were the families of Jacob Sturzenneger, David Zubly, Jasper Nail and three Meyer brothers, Leonard, Ulrich and Micael. They chose to settle in New Windsor Township which included the sites of the British Ft. Moore and the Indian village of Savanna Town. The area today is known as Beech Island, SC adjacent the Georgia city of Augusta. Though no marked graves of these original Swiss settlers can be found, their children and grandchildren are buried in Beech Island cemeteries such as the Nail Family Cemetery, Zubly Cemetery, Ardis Cemetery and other old cemeteries. In addition to these markers, artifacts of these original settlers remain and many original records exist as reminders to the descendants of these early colonists.
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