South Carolina Pioneers

Donnald Family to Charleston
from the
American Pioneer Series
By Jeannette Holland Austin

Donalds, South Carolina, formerly Donaldsville, was named after Samuel Donnald who came to America with his father, John and settled there about 1800. John Donnald was born in 1780 in Ballynure, County Antrim, Ireland. The Donalds were settling near the township of Boonesborough, named after the English Quaker frontiersman Daniel Boone between 1763 and 1775. This settlement had entered the port of Charleston from Ulster and when surveyed in 1762 consisted of 20,500 acres. This early settlement served as a buffer between the Cherokee Indian tribes and immigrants in the South Carolina low country. To qualify to settle in Boonesborough one had to be a Protestant of good standing. Thus, the Scotch-Irish from Antrim were perfect for this settlement.

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