Sumter County Probate Records

Sumter County was taken from portions of Claremont, Salem and Clarendon Counties in 1800.

Sumter County Wills and Estates Available to Members of South Carolina Pioneers

Indexes to Probate Records

Index to Sumter County Will Book A (1774-1782)
Index to Sumter County Will Book A (1783-1815)
Index to Sumter County Will Book AA (1816-1822)
Index to Sumter County Will Book D-1 (1823-1836)
Index to Sumter County Will Book M (1836-1840)
Index to Sumter County Will Book D-2 (1837-1853)

Transcripts of Sumter County Wills, Book A, 1774-1782

Testators: Anderson, David, Atkinson, James, Bradley, Samuel, Cambell, Alexander, Commander, Samuel, Conyers, James, Coppley, Elizabeth, Dearington, Thomas, Edwards, William, Furman, Wood, Howard, Joseph, McGirth, Mary, Neilson, Samuel, Witherspoon, David

Transcripts of Sumter County Wills 1783-1815

Testators: Amonett, Charles; Anderson, John ; Armstrong, James ; Baggs, Thomas ; Barber, Agness ; Bell, William Rafor ; Benbow, Richard ; Bennet, Esther ; Birch, Michael ; Bracey, Sackfield ; Bradford, Nathaniel ; Bradley, Elizabeth ; Bradley, Rodger ; Bradley, Samuel ; Britton, Thomas ; Brock, Patrick ; Brumby, Thomas ; Burket, James ; Cannon, John ; Cantey, Charles ; Carter, Margaret ; Chisholm, John ; Christmas, John ; Clark, Ann ; Coker, Joshua ; Coker, Wiley ; Conyers, James ; Daniell, William ; Daniels, Elizabeth ; Davis, Benjamin ; Davis, Nabor ; Dearington, Thomas ; Dunn, Janet ; Dunn, Sylvester ; Durant, Henry ; Edwards, Elizabeth ; Faris, John ; Fitzpatrick, Micajah ; Fitzpatrick, Peter ; Ford, Mary ; Foxworth, Zachariah ; Francisco, John ; Garlington, Chris ; Gibson, Phineas ; Grant, William Jr. ; Guerry, Legrand ; Haley, Peter ; Hampton, Richard ; Harvin, Richard ; Helton, James ; High, Joseph ; Hodge, Benjamin ; Humphrey, William Jr. ; Ivor, Elizabeth ; Ivor, George ; Jackson, Thomas ; James, John ; James, Shearwood ; Johnson, Thomas Nightingale ; King, Robert ; Langstaff, John Matthew ; Lee, Anthony ; Lenoir, Isaac ; Lenud, Henry; Lowry, James ; Manning, Elizabeth ; Manning, Moses; Maples, Richard ; Maples, Rosana ; Marsden, Elizabeth ; Mathews, Isaac ; McCallum, Ken ; McCullugh, Mary; Mellett, Peter ; Montgomery, James Henry ; Montgomery, William Jr. ; Moody, William Jr. ; Moore, Isham ; Mullen, Edward ; Mullin, John ; Newman, Thomas ; Newman, William Jr. ; Nichols, Barsheba ; Pearson, William Jr. ; Perry, John ; Perry, Philip ; Pettypool, John ; Pollard, John ; Pyland, George ; Rafield, John ; Ragan, William Jr. ; Ragin, John ; Ramsey, James ; Rees, Huberd; Rees, Isham ; Rees, Mary ; Rees, William Jr. ; Rembert, Abigah ; Rembert, Hubert ; Rembert, James ; Richardson, John Peter ; Richardson, William Jr. ; Richburg, James ; Ridgill, Richard ; Robinson, Alexander ; Robinson, William Jr. ; Sabb, Thomas Jr. ; Sanders, William Jr. ; Savage, William Jr. ; Simpson, John ; Singletary, Hannah ; Singleton, Joseph ; Singleton, Robert ; Smart, Alexander ; Smears, Mason ; Sprey, Henry ; Stamper, Robert; Sylvester, Asbery ; Sylvester, Joseph ; Terry, William Jr. ; Tomlinson, Richard ; Vaughan, Henry Jr. ; Vaughn, Henry ; Vaughn, John ; Walter, John; Walter, Richard Charles ; Walter, William Drake ; Wheeler, Sarah ; White, Ellen ; White, Henry ; White, Jared ; White, John ; Wilder, Jesse ; Williams, Peter ; Windom, Solomon ; Witherspoon, John ; Woods, John ; Wright, William ; Wright, William Jr.

Transcripts of Sumter County Wills 1816-1822

Testators: Bagnal, Isaac, Broadaway, Elizabeth, Bryson, Ann, Cater, George Sr., Colclough, Alexander, Davis, Elizabeth, Deschamps, Francis, Frierson, Aaron, Gamble, Catherine, Groomes, Isaac, Hampton, Noami, Hampton, Richard, Harvin, James, James, John, James, Matthias, James, Walter, Johnson, Mary, Kersey, Janet, Kingswood, Jacob, Kingswood, Margaret, Lenoir, John Sr., Lenoir, Thomas J. , McCants, James, McCants, Samuel, McCoy, John, McDonald, Daniel, McEachern, James, McElveen, John, McFaddin, Eli, McKenney, Eli, McKnight, Robert, McLendon, Lewis, McMahan, Benjamin Lavender, Miller, Charles, Mitchell, Stephen, Montgomery, Samuel, Mullin, William L., Murphey, Malachi, Murray, John, Nelson, Mary, Newman, Elizabeth, Perry, John, Pleyre, Thomas, Plowdon, Edward, Polk, Tabitha, Rembert, Edward, Rembert, Thomas, Rhame, Jeremiah, Richardson, Richard, Richbourgh, Claudius, Ridgill, William, Ridgway, William, Rose, Daniel, Sanders, William, Silliman, Alexander, Sims, William, Singleton, Elizabeth, Singleton, John, Spears, Charles, Taylor, John, Taylor, William, Terry, Alice, Thames, John Jr., Thompson, William, Tisdale, Jane, Tisdale, John, Tock, Mary, Tomlin, Hiram, Watson, William, Whitworth, Isaac, Wilder, Stephen, Williams, Mary, Williams, Roland John, Wills, Willis, Wilson, Richard, Woodham, Edward, Woodward’s, Jesse

Transcripts of Sumter County Will Book D-1, 1823-18

Adams, Elizabeth, Anderson, Joseph, Anderson, Thomas, Ballard, Elizabeth , Barnes, James , Belser, Jacob , Belvin, Wilie , Benbow, Evan, Blackwell, Michael, Blither, William, Bowman, John, Bracey, Charlotte, Bradford, John A., Bradford, Richard, Brock, Charles P., Cameron, John, Cantey, Mary, Cantey, Rebecca, Carter, William, Chewning, Ann, Commander, Joseph, Cook, Joseph B., Connell, Thomas, Conyers, Stranghan, Cooper, George, Corbett, James, Corbett, Susannah, Cox, John, Cubbage, Philemon, Cubbage, Thomas P., Daniel, Edward, Davis, John, Evans, Frederick, Felder, James, Flemming, Elizabeth, Fort, Bunel, Franklin, Lawrence, Fullwood, William I., Gilley, Susanna, Green, Lewis, Harvin, Richard, Haynsworth, Henry, Haynsworth, Sarah, Heriot, John, Holland, Silvia, Humphrey, William, James, George F., James, Holloway, James, William Dobein, Jennings, James, Johnston, James, Jones, John H., Kinlock, C., Laws, George, Lesesne, William, Lisk, Mary, Lowry, Samuel, Maples, Elizabeth, Maybant, William Sr., Mayrant, Charles, McCaskill, Daniel, McCoy, John, McDonald, William Nelson, McDonell, John, McFaddin, John, McFaddin, John, McFaddin, Theodore, McFaddin, Thomas, McIntosh, Peter, McKinney, Sarah, McLeod, Alexander, McLeod, Margaret, Mills, William, Moody, Solomon Sr., Moore, Matthew L., Mulledy, Thomas, Murphey, Malachi, Murrell, William, Nelson, James, Nelson, Samuel James, Nettles, Jesse, Newman, Ethelial, Orr, Thomas, Pack, Joseph, Peebles, Jesse, Potts, William Sr., Rhame, Bradley, Rhame, Obadiah, Richardson, Dorcas, Richardson, James B., Roberson, Willis, Rutledge, Mary Golightly, Sanders, Sarah, Scurry, Jesse, Shaw, John, Simonton, Robert, Sims, Margaret, Singleton, John, Singleton, Rebecca, Singleton, Sherwood James, Skinner, Charles, Smith, Jannet, Smith, John Sr., Smith, William, Spann, James Sr., Spann, James, Stucky, Edmund, Tisdale, Francis, Tobias, Mary, Vaughn, Noel Sr., Ward, Benjamin, Waties, John, Waties, Thomas, Watson, Sarah, Wells, Thomas, Wheeler, Keziah, Whilden, William, White, Hannah, Wilder, William S., Wilson, Elizabeth, Wilson, Robert, Wilson, Roger, Windom, Benjamin, Witherspoon, John, Young, Henry, Young, Richard

Transcripts of Sumter County Will Book M, 1836-1840

Testators: Anderson, Mary, Bell, Archy, Boykin, Drury, Boykin, Jonathan, Bradley, Martha, Brunson, Mary, Byrd, Rhodecy, Christmas, Lidia, Cousar, John, Dow, John, Freeman, Jesse, Frierson, John I., Gamble, Robert, Johnson, Elijah, Long, Reubin, McCoy, James, McIntosh, Joshua, McKnight, John, Michau, Noah, Nettles, Jesse, Pitts, Joseph M., Rees, Mary, Solomons, Mark, Spann, Anna, Sparrow, Eli, Stokes, Vine, Truluck, George, Vasser, Daniel, Wilson, James H., Witherspoon, Robert

St. Marks Episcopal Church, Pinewood, South Carolina

St. Mark’s Parish was established in 1767 by the South Carolina Assembly Act. The church was built during the same year near Summerton; however, it was burned by the British during the American Revolution. It was the parish church for several family plantations: Manning, Milford, Richardson, and Bloomhill. At least six governors regularly attended services here. The present church (above) was constructed in 1855, which makes it the fourth or fifth church erected by the parish at this location.

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